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- Destined To Win -
By Co-Pastor Johnny Davis

     God has a plan or will for each individual's life. It is not man's plan, but it is God's plan for you to be powerful and strong, to build, to be a warrior of the cross. God will empower you to become a conqueror. More than that! (Romans 8:37)


Ken Lang

Ken Lang



Mission Statement

"The purpose of my ministry is that while I am sowing seeds of salvation into the hearts of unbelievers, I also encourage the body of Christ, through the gifts of music and testimony, empowering them with opportunities to put their faith into action and to become a true reflection of Christ."

-Ken Lang


In 1998, God gave Ken a dream that would become his hearts desire and called on him to start a music ministry that would be unlike most others. It all started at the tender age of six when Ken accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior, but wouldn't understand until early adult life that God wanted more than just a simple commitment; He wanted a 'relationship. ' Throughout his high school years, Ken struggled to understand this 'relationship' concept and wasn't walking with the Lord. Regardless, God began to equip him in preparation for the calling that would be bestowed upon him in the time to come.

Ken followed his musical endeavors in the concert band, marching band, jazz ensemble, and selected choirs until the end of his high school years at which time he surrendered music all together. Having grown in his musicianship then being torn away from these talents for several years, Ken's heart yearned to become closer to God and worship Him using his musical gifts. Ken's longing soon transcended to the purchase of a used trumpet and a commitment to a praise and worship team at a modest church in Baltimore, MD. It was during this time that Ken's gifts as a vocalist and horn player would mature. With no formal musical training, God began preparing this vessel on His altar, and then placed the call upon his heart in 1998!

Having moved back to his hometown of North East, Maryland, Ken recorded his first CD project, This Kingdom, which was released in 2000. As Ken began ministering to churches throughout the Potomac Region, he caught the attention of an independent Christian label who took him under their wings and further nurtured him for the next two and a half years. Following that relationship, God began to press Ken in another arena; songwriting. By 2006, Ken had not only written a handful of inspiring songs, but had also arranged and produced his next CD project, A New Day.

With a music ministry reaching to thousands across the miles of the Potomac region during the past decade, Ken has both encouraged and empowered Christians in their walk of faith with Jesus Christ through his gift of music, distinctive songwriting, and melodic trumpet instrumentals. Ken's abilities in his music ministry haven't gone unnoticed. In 2008, Ken was nominated by Christian music's foremost leader for independent Christian musicians, the Christian Independent Alliance (CIA), as a finalist for the Momentum Awards Contemporary Artist of the Year category. Ken didn't take the ultimate prize, but being recognized and named among the best in the independent music industry was a blessing that reminded him of the calling in 1998 and the passion that the Lord had placed on his heart for this ministry. Also, with his commitment for getting aid to children in third-world countries who are in dire need of simple necessities, Ken signed on with World Vision as an Independent Associate Artist and is reaching out to his Christian audience to act on their faith and sponsor these children in need.

Today, Ken's dream is now a passion. His endeavor is to humbly walk in a simple faith, believing that through his music he can somehow leave this world a better place that will forever shine the light of Christ for all to see.

Christian Contemporary, Christian Worship, Jazz

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