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- Destined To Win -
By Co-Pastor Johnny Davis

     God has a plan or will for each individual's life. It is not man's plan, but it is God's plan for you to be powerful and strong, to build, to be a warrior of the cross. God will empower you to become a conqueror. More than that! (Romans 8:37)


Dawn's End

Dawn's End


Dawn's End

From pizza to double bass and everything between, that's what can explain Dawns End as a band. Formed around the single, solitary fact that God is the most important thing in our lives. We believe that God has brought us together to do big things for Him and are willing and able to use the talents that He has bestowed upon us to do His will. The band was formed in a little place called Calvert County, MD, where all five of us call home. Growing up in such a rural area might cause one to believe that hopes of forming a band of good talent would be hard, but through God's grace and our willingness to rock, we formed the band. A contemporary Christian Rock band that can scream at the tops of their lungs (literally), or slow it down a bit with some soothing piano melodies that will melt the heart away. Dawns End can fall somewhere right between Since October and Tenth Avenue North.

Dawns End believes that there is a God who came to this earth to live a life of a man, yet without blemish or spot, and died as a human, and was buried in a tomb, enclosed by a stone. Then He raised himself from the grave after three days, and roamed on the earth again. We believe that Jesus, a perfect man, died on the cross for all of our sins so that we may enjoy life everlasting. A man that committed no sin died in the place of all sins that have been and will be committed and all we have to do is believe this and you and I too can spend eternal life with God. The time is now.

So keep tabs on us, because right now all we have is MySpace and Facebook to try to get our name out there, but with your help and the help of many others, we can do great things for God!!!

God Bless,
Dawns End
Christian Punk

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