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- Destined To Win -
By Co-Pastor Johnny Davis

     God has a plan or will for each individual's life. It is not man's plan, but it is God's plan for you to be powerful and strong, to build, to be a warrior of the cross. God will empower you to become a conqueror. More than that! (Romans 8:37)






Folks, I know some of you may be wondering why the site was changed to an Unsigned Christian music site. The answer is simple. I wanted to create a site that I could truly support and believe in; a site that shares my faith and beliefs, as well as yours. There are millions of sites out there that are full of the worldly crap that has been rotting minds for decades upon decades. Young kids are getting hooked in this horrible lifestyle, and they are just going with the flow; a flow that may cost them their life, and ultimately their soul. We want to offer an alternative to the current mix of garbage pop that is being broadcast now. We want to offer music that not only can compete with the worldly music, but music that may also touch your soul. It only takes a moment to touch someone out there that may be in need. Please continue to support the site. Remember, the music that you put on here, may be the music that changes the norm. It may just touch that lost soul out there, who is desperately looking for something to believe in. We want to offer this site to you, and hope that it gets your music heard. What are you waiting on? Get signed up. God Bless! Keep it LOCAL!