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- Destined To Win -
By Co-Pastor Johnny Davis

     God has a plan or will for each individual's life. It is not man's plan, but it is God's plan for you to be powerful and strong, to build, to be a warrior of the cross. God will empower you to become a conqueror. More than that! (Romans 8:37)


My Heart To Fear

My Heart To Fear


Trevor Pool
Trevor Pool
Front man
Brandon Vartenisian
Brandon Vartenisian
Rythm guitar, back up vocals violin
Luke Brady
Luke Brady
Drummer, back up vocals
Dale Upright
Dale Upright
Lead guitar, keyboard

Humbled-Warm tears run their pre-constructed passageways down ten cheeks circled intimately around a tattered white table. Our prayers, this time, are surrounding this page rather than Luke's bass drum. Memories dance in the forefront of our minds as glances swiftly shift from face to face; memories of the storms that raged and waters that rose which, together, fabricated this new EP "A Ship Built to Sink." The introductory track "Dreams that Breathe," will heave a listener into a dreamlike state of mind and onto the icy timber deck of our ship in the midst of our darkest hours. The five of us have fought together as brothers through the storms and wove our tales like a finely made reed basket. Each song, both instrumentally and lyrically, tells all of our stories in harmonic unison; accounts of demon oppression, lust, lost hope and broken faiths, psychological disarray, rejection, and, above all, redemption and salvation.

We human beings are but sailors on ships (ships representing our lives) stuck on a downward course straight for the mouth of the Maelstrom. It is not, however, a hopeless journey. If we allow God to captain our vessel this disaster can be wholly avoided. All we have to do is ask.

"My Heart to Fear connects with their audience with passion, energy, & musical talent"... Insane Erik Lane, Bread and Jam Radio 97.1 Fm

"MHTF is a rare example of great musicianship backed up with sincerity. It's hard to find bands these days that hold strong to their convictions and deliver a believable performance. These guys are incredibly talented. Fantastic song-writing, youth, energy and sincerity." Carson Slovak

"I like their music and energy" Rick Hughes,- DDrums At Launch Conference 2009

"I like them a lot, they are very sign-able" - Tom Bejgrowicz, former A&R Rep, at Launch 2009

"These guys definitly don't suck! I would keep listening to them" - Errie Von,The Misfits, at Launch 2009

"The fullness,energy and sophistication of the music on this CD is something you just don't hear from an unsigned band! A terrific listen - but only at full volume and only surpassed by seeing them perform live! We're very proud to be associated with these guys." Terry Diehl, President 315 Artist Management Group

Christian Metal, Christian Rock and Pop, Hardcore, Heavy Metal, Progressive Rock, Rock

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