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- Destined To Win -
By Co-Pastor Johnny Davis

     God has a plan or will for each individual's life. It is not man's plan, but it is God's plan for you to be powerful and strong, to build, to be a warrior of the cross. God will empower you to become a conqueror. More than that! (Romans 8:37)

About Us

Local Label is dedicated to providing a website for Christian music to be heard worldwide. It is a place where Christian's can upload their music onto their own page. We want to make your music available to members, record companies, producers, and anyone else who visits our site. They are looking for the next new sound, and it may be you!

Our goal is to become the largest promoter of Unsigned Christian bands on the planet. Other sites do not get enough exposure, and are full of sin!  Local Label is different! You are not going to find a date here. We are strictly devoted to Christian music. Through our continued efforts, we are going to give you maximum exposure. You have a chance to be put on the Top 100 List or better yet, the Band of the Week.

We will also be able to sell your t-shirts online. We are able to work with you to create a t-shirt, in order to sell it off of your own Local Label page. All you have to do is collect the money. You get awesome exposure by people wearing your t-shirt and downloading your music. You will be able to link your own website in order to sell your CD's. CD services will be available later.

There is a lot of Christian music out there that needs to be heard. Any type of Christian music will be on this site. We encourage all Christian ethnic cultures and genres. We want a selection of Christian music that will cater anything from Gospel to Christian rock.

Bottom line, this site is dedicated to you, the Christian artist! You have a chance to take it as far as you want. Remember, with God, all things are possible. Hard work does pay off. The music you make may be what changes the way we know Christian music today. Stop reading and start uploading. Keep the music cranking!






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